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You’ve upgraded your laptop and phone. You’ve upgraded your systems and strategy. In today’s fast changing times, that’s no longer enough. It’s time to upgrade YOU.

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Brought to you by GeniusU, a community of over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs around the world, and hosted by Roger James Hamilton, Futurist & Social Entrepreneur, “Entrepreneur 5.0” will show you how the key steps the world’s leading entrepreneurs are taking to prepare for 2020 and beyond.

It will transform the value of your company, your customers, your team and your time.


Roger Hmailton

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The Program:
Free five day live training course giving you the key steps to get ready for 2020.

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Renowned futurist and social entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton

The Participants:
Entrepreneurs and investors from 100+ countries - from startup to high growth companies


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Live learning on your phone, laptop or PC, anywhere in the world

The Date:
28 June to 2 July 2019

Normal rate $497.

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you ready for 2020?

Imagine you were in the same place you are right now in 1999. With the same lifestyle, job, company and earnings that you have today. If you got an insight as to how much the world would change in the next decade, would you have acted differently? From 2000 to 2009, we saw the explosion of the Internet, smartphones and social media. Companies like Facebook, Youtube, Google and Amazon became billion dollar businesses out of nowhere.

Now imagine you missed the first wave, and you were in the same place as you are right now in 2009. It was the middle of the Global Financial Crisis and everyone was struggling. If you had a second chance to discover the disruptions coming in the decade ahead, would you have acted differently? From 2010 to 2019, we have seen the explosion of co-working, ride-sharing, crowdfunding and online video.

Companies like Netflix, AirBnB and Uber have become giants out of nowhere.

It’s 2019. We’re just 7 months away from the most pivotal decade of our generation. From 2020 to 2030 we will see the growth of life-like virtual worlds, self-driving cars, robot companions and the first humans on Mars. In the midst of accelerating change, our mission is to support the global Entrepreneur Movement to achieve the United Nations Global Goals by 2030.

To prepare for 2020, we are about to press “GO” on our biggest launch of the decade, and we’re inviting you to join us!

On the ‘Entrepreneur 5.0’ free five day training course I’m going to be sharing how the coming decade will be far bigger in disruption and opportunity than any decade before. Be third time lucky and join me. You’ll learn how the way you market, sell, create products, attract partners, keep customers and build teams is all going to need to change. You won’t need to wait. You can change today.

Right now you might be more focused on today than tomorrow. Maybe you’re struggling to grow your income, or to find your true passion. Maybe you’re working hard to find new customers or to grow your team. You may be looking for investors, or hunting for a great investment. Or even just trying to figure out what’s the next thing to do.

From my experience, I can tell you the solutions for today come from discovering tomorrow.

Over a million entrepreneurs have taken the entrepreneur assessment tools I’ve created, including Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, the Impact Meter, the Wealth Spectrum, the Genius Test and the Purpose Test. We now have over a million members on our online platform, GeniusU. Seeing the trends within our global community, I know that someone, somewhere has already solved exactly the problem you have, and they’re now one step ahead. Looking ahead gives you the answers they’ve found. That’s why now it’s the right time for me to be hosting the Entrepreneur 5.0 course and the perfect time for you to join me. As Peter Diamandis says, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

If you’re ready to think differently, click and register. It’s free. I look forward to seeing you in the (near) future.

Join us for some exciting times ahead!

Join Us Today and get #2020READY


This year, the big topic at Davos and the G20 Summit is ‘Society 5.0’. Society 5.0 is a brand new concept created by the Japanese Government to describe the coming 5th revolution, starting in 2020.

Society 5.0 is what we become when we gain the ‘superpowers’ of having a digital layer over everything we think, see and touch. It’s what happens when we combine our own thinking with A.I, real-time data and the power of the crowd. The Japanese are futurists, and they see us moving in the next decade from the Industrial Age, to the Information Age, to now the Impact Age.

Japan has big plans to showcase Society 5.0 at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and to show that this is an upgrade of humanity itself.

Society 5.0 is a dramatic upgrade from Society 4.0, and it will be led by upgraded Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneur 5.0. Masayoshi Son, who was one of the first to see Japan’s vision, launched the Vision Fund to invest in Entrepreneur 5.0 enterprises. In the last two years he has raised and invested $100 billion in these new companies, dwarfing every other Venture Capital fund in the world.

Entrepreneur 4.0 was the age of the online entrepreneur, leading to the virtual businesses that now dominate the internet. This year, as the World Wide Web turns 30 years old, Entrepreneur 5.0 is the age of the superhuman entrepreneur, with the power to make an even bigger impact with real-world businesses. The digital “cloud” has crystallized, creating a global flow that reaches every citizen on Earth. This is Humanity 5.0, and Entrepreneur 5.0 are the rainmakers.

“As long as you continue to challenge,
there is no limit.”

- Masayoshi Son


The biggest challenge most entrepreneurs have today is being stuck in the mindset of Entrepreneur 4.0: In the last decade you had to make a choice as an entrepreneur: Did you want to work hard as a tech startup with the benefit of exponential growth? Did you want to travel and be a digital nomad with the benefit of lifestyle and freedom? Did you want to be a social entrepreneur and make a difference in the world?

Now, with data at our fingertips and one global entrepreneur community, you no longer need to choose. Being an Entrepreneur 5.0 means designing your business to have the best of all worlds. It means not choosing offline or online, but using the digital layer to enhance reality and create meaningful, measurable change.

In this five day online course, each day you will get the first five steps to take in each of the five key areas that make up Entrepreneur 5.0:

First five steps to design your business to gives you the lifestyle, freedom and growth that you desire and deserve.  

First five steps to ensure your business is set up for maximum impact to serve the people, places and purpose you care about, leaving a legacy.

First five steps to choose the right growth model that gives you the income and exponential growth that it’s now possible to achieve regardless of your industry.

High Touch
First five steps to develop the critical high-value customer touch points to ensure you have customers and a community that you attract and grow automatically.

High Tech
First five steps to adopt the latest high-leverage technology to become super-savvy on what your customers want and how to turn them into raving fans.


Join the Entrepreneur 5.0 training if:

You are a new start up looking for a winning business model

You are a growing business seeking the latest cutting edge tools

You are an expanding team planning for rapid growth

You are an investor looking for the smartest investment opportunities

You are in a job searching for the best step to take next

If you want to be one step ahead of the coming disruptions and opportunities, this once-in-a decade event is right for you.



“The mentoring I have had from Roger has been invaluable. In the last two and a half years I have earned more money in my new business than I made in 16 years employed in the music industry. My podcast series became a Top 10 podcast on iTunes and I now have my time freedom living between London and Lisbon. ”

Christian Rodwell
Escape the Rat Race, Portugal


“I have gone from selling time for money as a teacher to now following my true purpose with the “Spread the Happiness” movement as a result of being a part of Roger’s amazing community. I’ve gone from consulting a few schools in England to now spreading happiness to tens of thousands of children in over 23 countries. ”

Shonette Bason Wood
Spread the Happiness, England


“When I first met Roger I was a PA for a Property Developer in Wellington. With his inspiration and support, today I run four child care centres and have just bought two home-based child care networks. I live my purpose each day of educating children and I am so excited to be now leading Genius Schools and bringing a new child-centred model to our next generation. ”

Angie Stead
Education Angels, New Zealand


“I used to charge $180 per hour for my tattoos. With the mentoring I gained from Roger and rising up the Wealth Lighthouse, I now charge $1,760 per session and spend my time on my art gallery and restaurant - all of this is possible by understanding how to build my personal brand and a high performing team. Anything is possible when you have the right mentor to support you. ”

Marc Pinto, Australia


“In my first year working with Roger I tripled my income, and this year I have already surpassed my 2016 income and we’re not yet half way through the year. I’ve gone from a translator to a global entrepreneur and mentor, and Roger’s community has been the most welcoming, friendly and supportive group of entrepreneurs I have ever met. ”

Yayoi Oguma
Bridge International, Japan


“With Roger’s mentorship, I have been able to create two million pound companies. As a Vet, I have a passion for animals, but by thinking about business models differently, I have grown WebinarVet into a training platform serving thousands of vets - and tens of thousands of animals. From an idea I got from Roger last year - and the help of a AR developer in Roger’s community - HoloVet has raised funding at a multi-million pound valuation to bring augmented reality to the Vet industry. ”

Anthony Chadwick
WebinarVet, England


“I began CPA MOMS as a way for stay-at-home moms who are also qualified professionals to have the ability to continue to earn from their expertise. Roger’s advise has really helped me to make breakthrough after breakthrough in my own mindset, which I can then pass on to my community. It is amazing how much value we gain when we are mentored and then mentor others. ”

Mayumi Young


"I have made the transition from a full-time job to my own international leadership development company. Following Roger`s strategies, I reached my first year revenue target of 100,000 Euros within first several months of starting ATAIRU and I have seen the revenues continue to double each year by following guidance and connecting to Roger`s global community."

Radka Dohnalova
ATAIRU, Czech Republic


“As a teenager my ambition was to travel, but in my early twenties I was stuck as a chef on an oil rig. Then I met Roger, who got me set on a path, with the right strategy, to follow my passion in travel and property investing, and my purpose to help the homeless. Today, my company is launching properties for co-working and co-living in paradise locations, which means I get to live my dream life. My advice - Don’t settle for anything less than your dreams, and join Roger, myself and our community to get you there. ”

Kyron Gosse
FreedomCo Properties, Bali


Roger is a world renowned futurist and entrepreneur who mentors other Entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and find their flow.

Roger is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute, which is the largest Entrepreneur Network in the world, with over 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 200 cities. He is also founder of Entrepreneur Resorts, the world’s leading Entrepreneur Resort and Beach Club Group, which had its IPO and became a listed company in 2017. His tech company, GeniusU, connects entrepreneurs to the smartest knowledge, connections and opportunities, and is growing from a $36 million to $60 million A.I. business in the coming year.

He is the creator of Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics, used by over 800,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow. All of Roger’s companies empower the Entrepreneur Movement - collectively growing our ability to create and contribute wealth.

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