Double your results AND Impact on the world in the next 12 months

As part of the Entrepreneur 5.0 upgrade you recently made, you have been awarded $2,000 of discount vouchers to redeem against some of our really cool programmes, ahead of September 30th
Book a high impact, focused 1-2-1 debrief today, with one of our expert Genius Igniters. Discover the next best step and programme for you to use your vouchers on, during the Entrepreneur 5.0 launch

$2000 of Entrepreneur Vouchers

You can use up to $2000 of Entrepreneur Vouchers as part of your upgrade package, ahead of September 30th. There are several programmes outlined below, which you can redeem your vouchers with, on your 1-2-1 call

You can redeem your Entrepreneur Vouchers, depending on where you currently are on your Entrepreneurial Journey. Whether you are at start-up phase, scaling up to grow a team and suite of products, or you are looking at exponential growth during the next 12 months.

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

Entrepreneur Vouchers for Start Up's

Over 80% of small businesses fail in their early years. Most failures are from avoidable mistakes and missing resources that are easily available. Whether you are just starting your new business, or are still managing most of your company yourself, these programmes and certifications give you the tools, resources, mentors and connections so that you aren't trying to figure it out by yourself and will allow you to generate between $10,000 and $50,0000 additional revenues this year

Flow Consultant Certification $3000
$1500 of Entrepreneur Vouchers can
be redeemed, making the price
$1500 or $150 per month

As an Entrepreneurs Institute Flow Consultant, you are joining the world’s leading coaching community for Entrepreneurs & Leaders, using the world’s leading assessment tools for building trust and flow in business. You will be certified to run high impact, high return on investment debriefs with either entrepreneurs or corporate leaders. A 45 minute debrief with you to help people find their flow can result in thousands of dollars of Return on Investment for your clients.

Passion Test Coach Certification $3000
$1500 of Entrepreneur Vouchers can
be redeemed, making the price
$1500 or $150 per month

This brand new Certification run by Janet Attwood, the creator of the Passion Test, will certify you to administer and coach individuals who are using the passion test to discover what their true passion and calling in life is.

Health Dynamics Consultant $3000
$1500 of Entrepreneur Vouchers can
be redeemed, making the price
$1500 or $150 per month

Help others discover their personalised Path to Health! As a Health Dynamics Consultant, you are certified to run amazing 1-2-1 debriefs with someone who is wanting to discover their unique path to health. Using any 1 of the combinations of 80 Health Dynamics profiles, you will be able to help people understand their body type, alongside their WD profile type to help them know what foods to eat and avoid. What exercise to do and keep away from. How to relax and restore their body’s natural health balance.

Genius Educator Certification $3000
$1500 of Entrepreneur Vouchers can
be redeemed, making the price
$1500 or $150 per month

Join the Genius Schools Education Revolution! As a Genius Educator you are certified to run powerful 1-2-1 debriefs with young people, using Talent Dynamics For Young People (TDYP). This profile test is specifically for 9-16 year olds helping them to understand their profile and to find their flow in life from an early age.

iLAB Mentor Certification $3000
$1500 of Entrepreneur Vouchers can
be redeemed, making the price
$1500 or $150 per month

As an iLAB Mentor, you are certified to apply to be on the iLAB Faculty of mentors. This group of highly skilled mentors are the ones who are mentoring and changing the lives of Entrepreneurs at our renowned iLAB events in Bali and South Africa. You will be the first to be selected to speak as experts at the Genius Cafe events and will be invited to share at Entrepreneur Socials around the world sharing your expertise. You will help to create the vault of content that is shared by thousands of beach club members

iLAB Accelerator Programme $6900
$2000 of Entrepreneur Vouchers can be
redeemed, making the price $4900

iLAB is a magical multi-day entrepreneur growth accelerator program and cultural retreat experience. iLAB mentors teach proven business growth strategies to new and existing business owners who want to monetize their expertise, connect to their tribe, and transform lives through their passion.

Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, iLAB will challenge and support you to discover and create the ideal business model and a clear step-by-step flight plan for your life and business success.

Entrepreneur Vouchers for Scaling up

Today, established entrepreneurs face a whole new set of challenges when scaling their business in fast changing times. This is where we connect experienced entrepreneurs with the pathway that enables you to achieve and manage major growth.

Wealth Dynamics Masters with Roger James Hamilton $8800
$2000 of Entrepreneur Vouchers can be redeemed,
making the price $6800

The Wealth Dynamics Masters Program will get you to a full and comprehensive business plan covering every element of your business concept, a priority plan and a step-by-step strategy to ensure your wealth is not an accident.

Roger James Hamilton and a panel of other mentors will lead the exclusive group of entrepreneurs who join the program.The Wealth Dynamics Masters Program will be held at Vision Villa Resort, Bali from 13th October - 19th October 2019. The setting is ideal for the exclusive nature of the program, with wireless access and set amidst the beautiful grounds of our resorts.

Entrepreneur Vouchers for Exponential growth

As you grow the complexity of your business, this is also an essential time to have your own mentor. Roger runs his Crystal Circle mentoring groups for experienced entrepreneurs and investors by invitation only. Entrepreneurs who join this exclusive mentoring group are experiencing exponential growth

Crystal Circle $21,000
$2000 of Entrepreneur Vouchers can be redeemed,
making the price $19,000

The Crystal Circle is a one year journey with Roger James Hamilton, with 10x monthly group mentoring calls with a select group, and personal connection to design a year of intention and inspiration. The advice ties back to the steps within the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse, bringing the learning alive and directly applicable to you from moment to moment.

Whether you are an accomplished entrepreneur, experienced investor or simply committed to ensuring the next twelve months are lived as fully as possible, the Crystal Circle will fast track your progress.

Double your results AND Impact on the world in the next 12 months

Booking a 1-2-1 call with a Genius Igniter

A Genius Igniter is literally just that. Someone that has been specially trained in Roger James Hamilton’s content to help ignite the Genius in each and every one of us. Trained to Performance Consultant or Master Trainer level, our Genius Igniters are highly experienced in both business and how to create flow and impact.

When you book a call with one of the Genius Igniters, you know you are getting to speak to one of Rogers personally trained “A-team”

They will quickly get to understand where you are at right now in your life and business and where you want to be within 12 months. They will then help you to discover the best path and next steps to take, including which of the programmes would be most beneficial for you to redeem your vouchers against.


Additional Bonuses when you upgrade using your Entrepreneur Vouchers

When you upgrade into ANY of the above programmes, you will receive ALL of the Citizen Plus and Mentor level bonuses from the Entrepreneur 5.0 launch!

Mentor Membership Bonuses

Bonus #1:

A ticket to the 2 day Exponential Entrepreneur, with Roger James Hamilton in London, UK; Las Vegas, USA or Gold Coast, Australia (Value $970)

Bonus #2:

A ticket to an Entrepreneur 5.0 event near you, with Roger James Hamlton (Value $157)

Bonus #3:

Wealth Dynamics Power Pack, showing you how to find your flow (Value $497)

Bonus #4:

12 Microdegree Videos as a Download: giving you a step-by-step guide to grow your flow (Value $497)

Bonus #5:

G$20,000 Genius Dollars on GeniusU, that can be used to pay for select products, training, events and retreats on GeniusU from our Mentors (Worth $200)


Twelve Monthly Webinars and Mentor Q&A on the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind, with Roger James Hamilton, leading industry experts and our mentor community (Value $2,000)

Entrepreneur Mentor Certification, with access to the 12 week mentor training course on GeniusU, and a certification to be recognized as an Entrepreneur Mentor on completion (Value $1,500)

Mentor listing on GeniusU, and be listed and discovered by over 1.2 million entrepreneurs on our global entrepreneur education network. (Value $10,000+)

Mentor tools on GeniusU, to set up and manage your own public circles, events, microdegrees, products and earnings dashboard on GeniusU, to build a global mentor business. (Value $2,000)

Mentor opportunities on GeniusU,with the chance to step up and become one of our City Leaders, Event Partners, Wealth Dynamics Flow Consultants or Passion Test Facilitators.

Earn upwards of $5,000 of additional revenues every month, with the training and tools you need to grow your training and mentoring business on GeniusU. (Value $60,000+/yr)

G$100,000 Genius Dollars on GeniusU, that can be used to pay for select products, training, events and retreats on GeniusU from our Mentors (Worth $1,000)

Personal 30 minute One-to-one Navigation Call with one of our expert Genius Igniters, to give you personalised guidance on the best path forward for you.

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