Welcome to your Citizen Circle

Congratulations for stepping up as a key Leader of the Entrepreneur Movement and for joining us as a Citizen or Citizen Plus Member
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You can come back to it at any time, to find out what are the first key steps to take and to discover how to access your Citizen or Citizen Plus benefits

The first key 3 steps to take now you are a Citizen

1.Join the Entrepreneur 5.0 Circle which is growing daily

Introduce yourself to the other members in there. You can come back to the Circle each day to stay connected with your fellow entrepreneurs and to share your top tips and successes!
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2. Discover your Purpose by taking the Purpose Test

You can take the Purpose test today and discover which of the 17 United Nations Global Goals you are most closely aligned to!
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3. Begin the Entrepreneur 5.0 Microdegree

Next you can begin the Entrepreneur 5.0 Microdegree. This 12 step training will take you from setting your vision right through to creating your entire customer pathway as an Entrepreneur 5.0! The 12 days takes you through to the launch of the World Game on July 12th
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What does it mean to be a Global Citizen

The Citizen Handbook (coming soon) which details

What it means to be a Global Citizen as part of Planet Earth. Why are we here? What The World Game is all about and how to play it. More about The United Nations 17 Global Goals. What is the plan to achieve them and how do we as Entrepreneurs play an instrumental role in that. More about the Entrepreneur Movement, including The 12 Principles of the movement You can also find out More about where you are on the start up, scale up and give back pathway and how to move swiftly upstream As well as understanding more about the Citizen perks and benefits!!

Your Community Team

If you have any questions and need to reach out to someone in the team, here’s how

In the first instance, you can send any queries direct to citizen@geniusu.com

Or you can connect with one of the team here on Geniusu

Kathleen Hamilton

Head of Community GeniusU

Duncan Stanley

Community Manager GeniusU

Dominic Welsh

Affiliate Community Assistant GeniusU

What you can access within your Citizen
or Citizen Plus Membership

Here is everything you’ve received for joining the
2020 Ready Accelerator as a Genius Citizen:


Seven Day Worldwide Workshop on getting 2020 Ready,
with Roger James Hamilton.

You can get instant access to the seven day interactive training and Microdegree course, to implement the valuable principles in the Entrepreneur 5.0 five day free training. You will be going through this seven day workshop with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs, to connect and collaborate with as we all accelerate towards 2020. This seven day training includes:

Day 1 - Create your Vision: How to create your “True North” that everything revolves around, and the future vision that will pull you and your team forward.

Day 2 - Define your Customer: How to define your “True South” to create magnetic value, with a clear picture of your ideal audience and customer, their problem, purpose and your promise.

Day 3 - Assemble your Team: How to attract and assemble the “Minimum Viable Team” to create and grow flow, while ensuring your time is kept to your talents, passions and purpose.

Day 4 - Set your Objectives: How to set realistic yet inspiring objectives that will stretch you but not break you, and keep you in your learning and earning zone over the next 6 months.

Day 5 - Price your Products: How to position and price your products to create a compelling offer, while learning best practices and cutting edge marketing strategies to implement.

Day 6 - Create your Pathway: How to create a step-by-step customer experience and pathway that will deliver delighted customers who refer you to others and come back for more.

Day 7 - Take Action: How to achieve the goals you set not in 6 months time, but NOW!

The global community that gets built during this seven day online training will continue beyond the seven days, with most taking part in the World Game, launching on 12th July (Buckminster Fullers’s Birthday)


Six Month Training & Video Series to set your plan for 2020,
with Roger James Hamilton and leading industry experts,
from July to December 2020.

You will be invited to join Roger James Hamilton, for a series of six, exclusive live webinars, which will run during the World Game, from 12th July to 12th December 2019.

During these calls, you will be able to learn the best strategies to transform the growth of your business and the impact you get to make in the world, as we 10x the number of giving impacts from 1 million to 1 million together.


Twelve Month GeniusU Membership as a Genius Citizen,
with an exclusive Genius Citizen Card and Citizen Handbook, with discounts to our partner products.

You will be given a 12 month membership to GeniusU as a Genius Citizen, and a personalized Citizen Card on your smartphone. Think of this as being your passport as a Global Citizen of Planet Earth. This digital card enables you to access over $10,000 of products, discounts and memberships from our Global Sponsors and partners, allowing you to grow your business and transform your life.

You will also get a Citizen Guide with details on how to play the World Game so we can achieve the 17 Global Goals over the next decade together.


Entrepreneur Vouchers worth $2,000 to use with selected Entrepreneur 5.0 mentoring, training events and retreats.

You will be gifted over $2,000 of vouchers, which you can use to give you a discount against many of our products, from start up retreats to workshops for highly successful businesses, allowing you to transform and grow at speed over the next 12 months.


Entry to the 2019 World Game, with the chance to collaborate with our global entrepreneur community towards achieving the United Nations Global Goals.

You will be given entry to the World Game. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller, the World Game is played on GeniusU, in partnership with B1G1 for the second half of 2019, with teams, companies and cities competing and collaborating to see who can create the most impact each month. This is an amazing way to make a measurable difference, while winning prizes, awards and having fun.


Citizen Dashboard on GeniusU, with ability to set up your own company listing, private events, private groups and with the ability to earn as a GeniusU affiliate.

As a Genius Citizen you will receive a Citizen Badge on GeniusU, invited into the Citizen private group, and gain access to a suite of tools to support your learning and earning. These include creating and listing your company, being able to create your private events, circles and webinars, and even earn by sharing the products and services on GeniusU.
Click here to access your Dashboard


Citizen Plus

Upgrade to Citizen Plus

PLUS if you upgrade to Genius Citizen Plus
you also receive the following limited bonuses

Bonus #1:

A ticket to the 2 day Exponential Entrepreneur, with Roger James Hamilton in London, UK; Las Vegas, USA or Gold Coast, Australia (Value $970)

Bonus #2:

A ticket to an Entrepreneur 5.0 event near you, with Roger James Hamlton (Value $157)

Bonus #3:

Wealth Dynamics Power Pack, showing you how to find your flow (Value $497)

Bonus #4:

12 Microdegree Videos as a Download: giving you a step-by-step guide to grow your flow (Value $497)

Bonus #5:

G$20,000 Genius Dollars on GeniusU, that can be used to pay for select products, training, events and retreats on GeniusU from our Mentors (Worth $200)


SAVE $3,230

or $29 x 12 monthly installments

AND if you upgrade to Genius Mentor you receive all the benefits and bonuses of Genius Citizen Plus and you also receive an entire mentoring business-in-a-box:

Twelve Monthly Webinars and Mentor Q&A on the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind, with Roger James Hamilton, leading industry experts and our mentor community (Value $2,000)

Entrepreneur Mentor Certification, with access to the 12 week mentor training course on GeniusU, and a certification to be recognized as an Entrepreneur Mentor on completion (Value $1,500)

Mentor listing on GeniusU, and be listed and discovered by over 1.2 million entrepreneurs on our global entrepreneur education network. (Value $10,000+)

Mentor tools on GeniusU, to set up and manage your own public circles, events, microdegrees, products and earnings dashboard on GeniusU, to build a global mentor business. (Value $2,000)

Mentor opportunities on GeniusU,with the chance to step up and become one of our City Leaders, Event Partners, Wealth Dynamics Flow Consultants or Passion Test Facilitators.

Earn upwards of $5,000 of additional revenues every month, with the training and tools you need to grow your training and mentoring business on GeniusU. (Value $60,000+/yr)

G$100,000 Genius Dollars on GeniusU, that can be used to pay for select products, training, events and retreats on GeniusU from our Mentors (Worth $1,000)

Personal 30 minute One-to-one Navigation Call with one of our expert Genius Igniters, to give you personalised guidance on the best path forward for you.


SAVE $7,030

or $97 x 12 monthly installments

Mentor level opportunity examples

City Leader

City Leaders are key to driving the Entrepreneur Movement and providing a “home” for the Entrepreneur Movement to meet. We will grow from 50 - 200 City Leaders in the next 12 months. Our top City Leaders are earning up to $250,000 per annum by running large scale events in partnership with us.

Event Partner

Event Partners support local events on the ground by sourcing 10-20 ideal guests to come to the local event which I will be presenting at. We have about 40 events this year to choose from as an Event Partner. You are effectively seen as a sponsor and can easily earn $2500+ in earnings from an event.

Flow Consultant Certification

This certification allows you to conduct high impact, high return on investment debriefs using Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics. You can add this to your coaching/mentoring/Consulting business as a powerful tool for your clients. Flow Consultants are typically earning an additional $12-25,000 per year.

Passion Test Facilitator Certification

This brand new Certification run by Janet Attwood the creator of the Passion Test will certify you to administer and coach individuals who are using the passion test to discover what their true passion and calling in life is. Passion Test Facilitators are typically earning an additional $12-25,000 per year